Fred Wehba Offers Insight on 8 Ways to Pave a Path to Peace

Fred Wehba“A simpler life makes it easier to find your way to peace.” – Fred Wehba

Fred Wehba understands that everyday life can be overwhelming. And though you may pray for peace, it will never come unless you are willing to put forth the effort to allow God to bring calmness into your life. Here, Fred Wehba offers his insights into the path to peace.

Set limits

According to Fred Wehba, if you live a life of being always “on the go,” you will never have time to find peace. It’s important to set limits for how much time is allocated to the things that don’t really matter. Fred Wehba explains that this could be anything from reducing time spent on social media to limiting how long you chat with colleagues during working hours.

Relax in your own way

Not everybody finds the same things calming, says Fred Wehba. However, when you find something that works for you, do it every day. This could be yoga, meditation, swimming, walking, or listening to music – there are literally endless possibilities, affirms Fred Wehba.

 Stop overreacting

Have you ever heard the phrase, “making mountains out of molehills?” It’s a common way of describing how we tend to over exaggerate things. Fred Wehba explains that these exaggerations – whether positive or negative – can have a profound effect on how we interpret our everyday lives. If you find yourself stressing over something, Fred Wehba suggests looking at it from a different point of view. You may find it’s not worth the worry.

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C. Frederick Wehba Examines the State of Philanthropy in America

C. Frederick WehbaBusinessman and philanthropist Fred Wehba believes the American economy has struggled to regain a sense of stability after years of difficulty. The average family is often unable to come up with the necessary resources to donate to charities and other philanthropic organizations, says C. Frederick Wehba. Here, C. Frederick Wehba explains the challenges that many U.S. households are facing in this day and age.

Q: Why have you placed so much value in donating your time and money to charity?

C. Frederick Wehba: A large part of my desire to help others stems from my personal religious beliefs.

Q: What are your experiences with working in church organizations?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s been an honor to support and fund a number of Christian churches in the Los Angeles area.

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C. Frederick Wehba Trusts Instincts in His Executive Role

C. Frederick WehbaQ: What is the most important factor in your career achievements?

C. Frederick Wehba: As a significant force in my daily professional activities, friends and family members have played a pivotal role in determining the proper way to approach a situation. Without their support, none of this would be possible.

Q: How have their examples translated into your own leadership style?

C. Frederick Wehba: When difficult circumstances obscure the path, the ability for other people to provide comfort and insight cannot be underestimated. One of the poorest choices an executive can make is ignoring the valuable advice of his or her associates. These trusted individuals often point the way towards a solution. Take what they say to heart. Continue reading

C. Frederick Wehba Offers Insight on the “Buy vs. Lease” Debate in Real Estate

C. Frederick WehbaReal estate professional Fred Wehba understands that decisions about leasing and buying a property can be among the most important choices that today’s Americans can make.  Before embarking upon the path to property ownership, Wehba advises individuals to seek consultation from trusted experts in the field while performing ample research about the current market.

Q: Is leasing or buying the more prudent strategy for today’s Americans?

C. Frederick Wehba: Both options have their benefits and drawbacks. Before purchasing a new property, the business owner must present a significant down payment. Initial costs also include potential renovations and property appraisals. For these reasons, purchasing is a more complex process that requires time and effort. This financial investment should not be taken lightly. Continue reading

C. Frederick Wehba Flourishes as a Result of His Small-Town Roots

C. Frederick WehbaBlessed with a real estate career beyond his wildest dreams, Fred Wehba of Los Angeles credits his family for teaching him the core values of respect and loyalty. These basic principles have served as the foundation for his professional pursuits.

As a teenager, C. Frederick Wehba spent many summer afternoons cycling along the dusty roads of his hometown in Crowell, Texas. With abundant cotton, wheat and hay crops as far as the eye could see, this small farming community was a peaceful oasis for young Frederick and his family.  There, he acquired a number of valuable business lessons that would inform his future real estate transactions. Frederick often wound up stocking shelves, mopping floors and running the cash register at his father’s grocery shop, which later spawned a chain of stores across Texas and throughout the Midwest. Continue reading

C. Frederick Wehba Provides Support for Boy Scouts of America

C. Frederick WehbaFred Wehba has shared the positive message of the Boy Scouts of America ever since his own days as an Eagle Scout. With over 2 million Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and troop leaders, the Boy Scouts of America teaches young men how to be friendly, generous and loyal while learning the values of hard work and service to the community. Throughout the years, these traits have proven to be a successful foundation for future lawyers, bankers, doctors, teachers and professionals in a variety of fields.

Eagle Scouts

As one of the originating members of the organizations, Arthur Rose Eldred earned the designation of Eagle Scout in 1912. Since then, nearly 2 million Scouts have attained this honor. In order to become an Eagle Scout, members are required to earn 21 merit badges while acting in accordance with the organization’s policies and standards (i.e. Boy Scout Law and Boy Scout Oath). C. Frederick Wehba reports that aspiring Eagle Scouts are also expected to perform a service project that reflects the Scout’s hobbies and interests. Continue reading

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